a thriving virtual assistant business  
in 30-days 
Learn the skills to start a work from home virtual assistant business!
How would $5K+ months working from anywhere  fit YOUR lifestyle?
Would it mean…
  • Quality family outings you didn’t think you could afford.
  • The flexibility to have a last minute weekend away.
  • Zero stress when your rent or property tax go up.
  • More time with your kids or grandkids.
However it looks for you...
Discover how a Virtual Assistant Business is your answer to:  
More Flexibility + More Freedom + More Revenue
If you’re anything like me, I dreaded the reality of going back to work after my maternity leave was up.
  • ​If you’re like Samantha, she was frustrated with her backlog of underpaid remote jobs. (She KNEW she was worth more than those thankless call centre gigs)
  • ​Or Laura, fed up from working 40+ hours a week while she had to stick her kids in daycare from 7am-5:30pm.
  •  And how about Katie, she wanted to sign her boy up for guitar lessons but couldn’t seem to find the extra cash.
  • ​And then there’s Casey - a recent grad and already KNEW the 9-5 grind just wasn’t for her.
One thing you know for sure, is that you want to work from home without selling your soul for cookie crumbs.
How would your Monday through Friday be different if you could:
  • ​Run your kid to the doctor on a Wednesday afternoon with zero pre-planning
  • ​Enjoy a beautiful dinner and date night with your hubby without stressing over the cost
  •  Take personal and sick days without the dread of asking approval from your boss
  • ​Jet to mid-morning personal appointments and grocery runs throughout the week
  • ​Feel fulfilled by the work that you are doing Every.Single.Day.
Who Am I to Say…?
Sometimes in the entrepreneurial game, you feel like you showed up to a business meeting without any pants on. (Well thank goodness that's the norm when you work from home) 

But I get it. I’ve been there.

And if we’re talking life challenges, painful learning curves & fearful changes, then you can take a safe seat right alongside me.

Because I’ve waded through my fair share of adversity.

Hey there - I’m Reese.

And I moved from NYC to Israel to follow the love of my life.

I didn’t know the tiniest smidget of Hebrew.

How was I to find a job?
Ask for directions?

...Well, I studied my butt off and landed a job with a well-known international venture fund.
It was a job that paid the bills…
Yet I still spent years living paycheck to paycheck.

My entire life involved commuting, working, more commuting, barely seeing my children, plus an income ceiling that meant I'd never be able to save up for their college fund. (And I have 4 kids to save for!)

That's when I realized it was time I figured out how to not only make money from home, but for that income to compete with the paychecks I was making in the corporate world.

Starting a Virtual Assistant Business was the clear answer I needed - the chance to still make a solid income, have a career that utilized my admin skills, all while having a healthy balance at home.

It was a job that paid the bills…
Yet I still spent years living paycheck to paycheck.

My entire life involved commuting, working, more commuting, barely seeing my children, plus an income ceiling that meant I'd never be able to save up for their college fund. (And I have 4 kids to save for!)

That's when I realized it was time I figured out how to not only make money from home, but for that income to compete with the paychecks I was making in the corporate world.

Starting a Virtual Assistant Business was the clear answer I needed - the chance to still make a solid income, have a career that utilized my admin skills, all while having a healthy balance at home.

Within my first year as a Virtual Assistant I was earning more money than I made at my full-time job.
And when I realized how many other ladies out there wish they could work from home, I knew I had to do something to help them. That's why I created the VA Lifeline.

To teach women how to use their administrative skills so they could do just that - create a flexible lifestyle for themselves and their future.

Now, I’m one of the most sought-after virtual assistant trainers, having taught thousands of women how to turn their desire to work from home into a reality.

They now have unlimited income potential.

What a gift they’ve given themselves and their families.
And I can help you do the same.
  • ​Extra money for vacations and a new house (with a big backyard!)
  • ​Flexibility in your day so you can plan your working hours around your baby’s sleep schedule, personal errands & volunteering at the school 
  • ​Freedom to work less (or not at all!) in your 9-5
  • ​100% control over revenue potential (no cutbacks, waiting years for a raise, or income ceilings - YOU decide)
  • ​Ability to bulk up that retirement account and travel fund
Yes. This is all possible.
All without the roadblocks, setbacks & unknowns when you’re just starting out.

You know, problems like:
  • ​What services you should offer
  • ​Selling yourself when you don’t have experience
  • ​What to charge and when to raise your prices
  • ​How to pick a niche and specialize in a certain type of work
  • ​How to get out of ruts and find high-paying clients
Where are you right now in your journey to freedom?
  • ​This whole ‘Virtual Assistant’ thing is brand new territory! You like the concept of making money from home but have no real plans and need the right place to START!
  • ​You’ve been dabbling in the online world for a bit but are having trouble getting clear on your services, your systems and your ideal client. (You don’t know what you don’t know and it's not doing you any favors.)
  • ​You’re hungry to get your hands on your Very. First. Client ...helloooo where is everyone? (Except what the hell would I do if I actually got one?!)

No matter where you fall on the scale of experience -
get the help you need to START and SCALE your own Virtual Assistant business. 

"Do You Feel Destined For Something More?"
Perhaps you have some admin skills. Maybe you’re fantastic at project management.
That’s perfect! However..

You’re underpaid, frustrated, overwhelmed, stuck...

Stop. Take control so you can:

Be the Engineer of your OWN Schedule.

Be the Master of your time.

Be the Heroine your kids need you to be. 

The Supermom they can count on who has the flexibility to snuggle them during the day when they're sick.

Be the Architect of your dreams by creating serious cash flow while working from anywhere.

And when you have an honest-to-goodness, no fluff, step by step personalized plan
With a mentor who promises to eat dirt if you don’t succeed...

...That’s when your skill development and ‘aha’ moments begin to
pair really well with your new found confidence.
“But HOW do I get started,” you ask?
Sure, you could grab info from every dark corner of the internet to piece a ‘business’ together. 
  • Spend hours sifting through all the noise.
  • ​Vet through what’s legit and what’s junk.
  • ​Try and curb the overwhelm and decode some sort of action plan.
All while responding to yet another job application on Upwork, crossing your fingers and waiting to be chosen.

Let’s be real. You don’t have time for that! 

You barely have enough time to go to the bathroom uninterrupted, nevermind extra time to burn on useless info, unanswered job posts and a wishy-washy game plan to find paying clients.

  • You just need a place to start.
  • A plan 
  • A foundation
  •  A clear, confident, cut through the crap strategy
The 9-Step System to Creating a Profitable Online Virtual Assistant Business in the Next 30 Days
(sans the side of overwhelm, wasted time and frustration)
I'll give you a pre-made model for a Virtual Assistant business that's established and profitable.

You'll personalize it to fit YOUR specific skills, 
getting support and feedback along the way.
Packed with 50 bite-sized lessons to take you from Zero to VA, 
You’ll learn how to:
Use your Existing Admin Skills to Create Freedom, Flexibility, and Revenue You are Proud of
{you’ll have everything you need to get started: open the box, pull out the system, personalize it, and you’re in business. Literally}
Build a Lasting and Powerful Business Plan
{so you can build momentum and generate cash quickly}
Find a Profitable Niche
{choose your services, build your packages and charge your worth. Boom}
Create a One Page Website that Shines
{highlight your skills and show others why they need you. Because they do. Website building is not as hard as you might think, either!}

Discover WHO your Ideal Client is and Learn HOW to Attract Them
{learn to close 90% of discovery calls, too}
Onboard Clients Easily and Confidently
{without swearing at technology or purchasing software you DON’T need}
All of this with one extra invaluable resource….me.
Many courses today are all automated. You sign up, and receive the course. Done.
No interactions, no personal contact - just you, your screen, and a swarm of unanswered questions.
But with The VA Lifeline, I am with you on your VA journey.
No matter what pace you choose to complete this course,
you will have access to to our intimate + private Facebook mastermind group for 6 months.

For life.
Get the support you need in real time..
  • ​Not 3 days after you receive a burning hot lead and need advice stat 
  •  Not a week after your site has been down, losing a hefty number of leads
  •  Not the day after you needed to submit a proposal to your potential client
You can have the power to create that perfect balance between family priorities, a stable income, and your own professional goals
The VA Lifeline is just that.
Your lifeline to increased income to help support your family.
Your lifeline to flexibility so you can tend to your kids when they need you most.
Your lifeline to personal freedom by making good use of your education, skills and
This is the difference between
the stalled, making-ends-meet service-providers
(undercharging...second-guessing...ready to call it quits before it even really begins)
From the high achieving + profitable online entrepreneurs.
I reached out to Reese when I was in the research phase of my VA business. I didn’t have any clients and was stuck in the corporate rut. Hiring Reese as my mentor was (by far) the best investment I made in myself. It’s like skipping a million steps to where you want to go. My business has exploded and I consistently have 10k months as an online business manager. I can wholeheartedly say I escaped the 9-5 corporate track and I have Reese to thank for that.

- Sarah Noked, Founder of
What’s Inside The VA Lifeline:
Module 1: The Foundation
This module will help you lay the groundwork to building a successful VA Business. You’ll avoid the wasted hours spent trolling Google on a hunt for answers. Come out of this module with a clear direction and a solid base.

Module Outcomes:
  • ​Recognize your online skills that will make you money!
  • ​Creation of your Business Plan
  • ​Name of your business + legally registered
  • ​Simply manage your taxes and accounting
  • ​Set up your payment gateway
  • ​Build and manage customer relationships
Module 2: The Game Plan
This module is a beautiful thing because you will come away with CLARITY. Clarity of who you are, what you offer, and how it will all translate into some hard-hitting cash flow. 

Module Outcomes: 
  • ​Define your core services
  • ​Learn to make yourself POP online- stand out from your competition
  • ​Hone in on your niche
  • ​Build an impressive online presence with a brand that reflects your business
Module 3: The 3P’s: Pricing, Packaging and Proposals
Charge your worth and price your services in confidence! You’ll be learning how to deliver sleek proposals for immediate responses and creating packages that SELL.
Module Outcomes:
  • ​Use this step-by-step formula to figure out what to charge
  • ​Create and price your service packages
  • ​Write proposals with my success secrets
Module 4: Systems Training
Time to run your business with flawless authority! Finish this meaty module with the ins and outs of managing your business with systems that work for YOU. You’ll be saving massive amounts of time with systems in place, and documents to reference at the click of a button.

Module Outcomes:
  • ​Design your client intake system
  • ​Generate contracts and subcontracts
  • ​Build your lead generation form
  • ​Onboard & offboard clients with ease
  • ​Nail down your project management
  • ​Secure quality testimonials
  • ​Develop a rate sheet that highlights your expertise and uplevels your professionalism( especially when you don’t think you have enough experience to leverage. Trust me, you do)
Module 5: Become a Marketing Maven
Your biz is rockin and now it's time for the real fun: a lineup of clients sending you their credit card info! (Actually, your new automated payment system can take that money-money even without you)
Come away with a precise online marketing strategy to help find leads and make yourself visible - even if you’re introverted!

Module Outcomes:
  • ​Master your Facebook business page to generate leads
  • ​Network like a queen on Facebook 
  • ​Linkedin marketing strategies that convert
  • ​Introduce a referral system to bring in continual top-notch leads
  • ​Profit from Facebook ads
  • ​Trigger your email signature to market your business
Module 6: Landing (High-end) Clients
Finding clients is one thing, and keeping them is another! We will seamlessly tackle both so you are attracting the right people and converting them into raving fans.

Module Outcomes:
  • ​Pinpoint your perfect client
  • ​Messaging that speaks to your ideal customers
  • ​Track pain points of prospective clients and use to your advantage
Module 7: Your Website, Your Way
In this module, we are going to set up a website in less than 24 hours. It will be easy, I promise! I’ll show you exactly how to do it while optimizing every section of your site so you are WINNING online.

Module Outcomes:
  • ​Establish the perfect Home, Work with Me, and Services Page
  • ​WOW your prospects with your About Page
  • ​Master the tricks of being SEEN online (for exactly who you are!)
  • ​Calls to Action that persuade  
Module 8: Words that Sell
This module teaches you how to sell with words. Even if writing isn’t your thing - no worries - I will teach you how to use words to sell your skills through your website and social profiles.
Module Outcomes:
  • ​Discover the art of writing and storytelling: motivate your prospects to buy
  • ​Write your Home, About, Services, and Contact pages
  • ​Craft blogs or other marketing content
Module 9: Sustainability
Learn how to keep this ball rollin! Go from making this a part time/ extra income gig to replacing it as your full-time job. YES YOU CAN!

Module Outcomes:
  • ​Reap steady income from existing clients
  • ​Sub-contract to other VA’s the RIGHT way
  • ​Time-management (work less but make more!)
  • ​Learn how to stack your services to make passive income (i.e money while you sleep. Eat. or watch Ellen.)
Additional Skills Training
Get training on all the need-to-know software - and no wasted time on the ones you don’t! (Hint: when you know these programs, not only can you use them to leverage your own business, but you can turn around and offer them as another service, too. Cha-ching!)

  • ​Canva
  • ​Clickfunnels
  • ​ConvertKit
  • ​Dubsado
  • ​Social Media Masterclass
  • ​WordPress
Extra Bonus Modules!
In addition to the Training Modules, I will include a swarm of extra helpful courses + tools for your library.
BONUS 1 - Discovery Call Scripts + Lead Generation Questionnaire (VALUE $397)
  • Banish any nerves or uncertainty on how to run a perfect discovery call after learning my formula. 
  • Gain access to scripts, questionnaires & checklists to make sure YOU are leading the call and closing it like the new CEO you have become! 
  • ​Oh, and have you ever gotten PAID to do a discovery call? You’ll learn the secret inside here.
BONUS 1 - VA Client On-Boarding System (Value $397)
  • ​Have your ducks in a row with VA Contracts in your arsenal the moment you need one.
  • ​Allow yourself to focus on client work and NOT the backend work that comes with it.
  • ​Get the exact contracts I currently use in my business.
  • ​Banish any nerves or uncertainty on how to run a perfect discovery call after learning my formula. 
  • ​Gain access to scripts, questionnaires & checklists to make sure YOU are leading the call and closing it like the new CEO you have become! 
  • ​Oh, and have you ever gotten PAID to do a discovery call? You’ll learn the secret inside here.
BONUS 2 - Email Templates (Value $97)
  • ​Get over the overwhelm of writing! Save hours upon hours with my done-for-you email templates. You will have access to over 60 templates and will save massive amounts of time by snagging copy for every situation you may encounter. 
  • ​Pre-written canned emails to clients, intake forms to prospects, emails during your client onboarding, emails requesting payment (that don’t make you sound like a jerk) and more!!
BONUS 3 - Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Masterclass (Value $54)
  • ​Dazzle your new clients with a WOW experience that keeps them coming back. Having this document in your back pocket outlines exactly what your client can expect while working together, such as:
  • * How to easily communicate with you (so you don’t get a bajillion emails from     them)
  • * How they can book calls with you using your scheduling link
  • * What your typical working hours are (so you aren’t getting bugged after       hours)
  • ​Create a great working relationship with all clients because they know exactly who you are, how you work and what makes you better than the others.
And in addition to this comprehensive program and bonuses,
here is more exclusive content inside the course:
Benefit from WhatsApp coaching that answers your specific questions. This is available for the first 30 days after purchase. 
Get access to our training vault with valuable interviews & training with guest speakers.
You will receive a program that doesn’t just offer the theory and ‘how to’ but also offers strategy and implementation.

This course is the real deal.

Uplevel your financial freedom and create a lifestyle that works for YOU.

You taught me that it's okay to charge my worth. You’ll be proud to hear I’ve been charging package rates $1000+ for my marketing services and I’ve been up-selling every lead which turned into me landing a $9,000 per month contract (for one client!)
-Samantha I.
Here's How It Comes Together:
  • ​Immediate access to your SELF-PACED portal and fully delivered to you up front: no drip, no waiting!
  • A fiercely loyal and intimate Facebook Mastermind community that will accelerate your growth FASTER than you could ever do alone
  • Live Q&A to answer all your burning questions
  • Continual SURPRISE BONUSES inside the FB group such as website audits, hot seat coaching, copywriting reviews, interviews with guest speakers
I know what your WHY is: Income + Flexibility
But what’s your Why NOT: What might be holding you back?
It's too much money.
That right there means you need to join. An investment in yourself means it will pay off dividends in your future. Your potential is truly limitless and this course can be paid off as quickly as you can commit to the modules. I also offer a payment plan of 12 payments of $97 per month.
You don’t think you have marketable skills.
If you know how to use Gmail, Google drive, Excel, or Word than you have marketable skills! People need VA’s for all administrative tasks (which are virtually endless.. No pun intended) Any tasks that are done in a brick and mortar office are also needed online - more and more businesses are headed down this online path, too. In fact, 34% of the US population are currently freelancing and that number is only growing. Your skills are needed! 
You don’t have time.
Many of our members have started this program in a demanding full-time job. Even if you can spare an hour a week to start slowly and get your business set up, you’ll see that you can make extra money on the side real quick. Be creative in finding extra time - it can be on your lunch break, on the train, or when everyone else in your house is sleeping. Plus - no need to feel rushed or overwhelmed as you will have access to this course for FOREVER. 
You don’t think you can match your current income.
In time you will! You can start off with baby steps by supplementing your current income. Previous members have consistently made anywhere from extra cash on hand, to 1k, to 10k months.
You’re intimidated by other Virtual Assistants with their fancy pants FB groups and polished pages.
Trust me, they had a starting point too (you just don’t get to see it.) But ultimately, competition is a GOOD thing. It means there is a market out there for the work you can offer! It means that people need virtual assistants and they realize that this is the way of the future to do business. Every day new businesses sprout up and they need virtual assistance stat! 
You don’t know anything about running a business.
It was all new for me when I first started, too. That’s why I’m pulling back the curtain and showing you exactly how I did it, step by step, so that you’ll never have to wonder what steps to take and in what order. Actually, you will have more than a peak behind the curtains - I will give you everything you need to know. 
Every portion of this course has been carefully crafted with YOUR success story as top priority.

The VA Lifeline is brimming with resources, mentorship, feedback, and trainers that have your back.

 AKA this program is a glorious unicorn and we can’t wait to
have you join the group!

But you don’t have to just take our word for it.
Reese, working with you gave me a concrete PLAN for my business instead of bumbling my way like I would have done without this course! Being part of a small community of VAs who are all wanting to learn and grow is really awesome and not easy to find in my experience (most VA FB groups have thousands of members and just don't have that personal touch). I learned SO MANY useful bits of information about working with clients, setting up a business, pitfalls to avoid, strategies that work. Thank you!!

- Laura Lopez
I’ve been struggling with how to price my services and how to find clients. I came very close to lowering my prices in order to make more sales. Big mistake! With Reese’s advice I not only raised my prices but I created amazing new service packages and the best part? I snagged several new clients almost immediately.

-Jocelyn Michel, Sensible Business Support
Whether you’re juggling a day job and trying to make the switch, ready to work from home but not sure of next steps, or already launched your biz and want to grow and command better rates…

My guarantee upon completion of this course, is a Virtual Assistant Business that is ready to successfully bring in money.

Why such a bold promise?
Because I believe in the material, in the systems and in this course.

I have dedicated MY career to upleveling YOURS, and I will be giving you every single template,
cheat sheet, lesson and strategy that you need to be profitable.

Anything that I have used to successfully start and scale my online business - you will have, too.

You will receive every bit of ammo you need to launch + grow your VA Business all for only ONE payment of $997.

Reese, just landed my 2nd client at a rate of $100/hour. I’m still processing the shock.  I got my rate! My big awesome rate that I was hoping to get, and I positioned myself to be able to get more! 
All this in just 3 weeks from our first coaching session.
I am in awe and grateful. Very, very grateful. 
-Melissa Froehlich, Online Business Manager

I don’t want this to be another course on your digital shelf that collects dust.
I promise you, that if you do the work, I mean really do the work and stick with it, you WILL get results

I want you to create the exact business that is right for you - I’ll teach you how to run it, and profit from it.

That’s my promise to you.
Create the career, flexibility and freedom you crave.
I was struggling to find a career path that would allow me to make more money and have more flexibility. After working with Reese, I landed my first client who introduced me to my second client! I have gone from a "not sure I can make this work" woman to a "I have a really exciting business that I am proud of and that inspires me" woman! Reese's training and coaching can provide the resources and support you need to make it happen. I was super skeptical and unsure - now I can't imagine not having taken the first steps with Reese.

~ Carolyn Farkas
While doing Reese’s brand positioning statement assignment, I finally had a breakthrough on my ideal client. Beforehand I was taking all types of clients and was not sure who I preferred to work with. I have also since landed 1 additional client.

~ Shanece Hornedo
Instead of blindly feeling around for what I should be doing or how I should be doing it, I for once feel like I have a clear path! And that makes me BEYOND excited. I couldn't have gotten this from anything I was previously doing. In the time I've worked with Reese I've learned so much. I've been able to set up my business systems with Dubsado, how to market with linked in, I've built out my website, I have a rate sheet and business plan, and so much more! THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You really have made such a huge impact on my life and my dream.

~ Ashley Dolbee
Before working with Reese I was totally lost in all of the information that I had found on the internet, I didn't know where or how to start. After learning how to build relationships, I found my first client very easily and quickly. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to develop or just needs the confidence to start. It gave me a lot of courage as a newbie.

~ Szilvi Botka-Ilyés
The training Reese provided forced me to really think about "my business" . Now that I have a better grasp of what I can offer, why I am doing this and to whom I can offer my skills, it has made pitching myself and "putting a price" to my services easier. I have since acquired a single client who provides almost 30% of my desired income while working for a lot less hours.
~Rodge Saquido-Banlaygas
I was working at a part-time job that I really wanted to quit so that I could have more flexibility for my family. I was trying to find a work-at-home/remote job that didn't pay peanuts and that had a lot of scheduling flexibility and didn't require me to be on the phone. I had been intrigued by the concept of being a VA since I first learned about it 4 or 5 years ago, but I was intimidated about the idea of being a freelancer/owning my own business. Working with Reese helped build the confidence that I needed to get new clients. I started with 1 client at a very low pay rate and now have 3 additional clients who all pay me over twice as much as that first client!
~Laura Lopez
When I started working with Reese I had been offering some services via Upwork, Guru etc. I had no idea how to put systems in place, or even what systems I needed for my business. With this program I learned how to put together a marketing plan for my business and became more apparent to me the type of client I wanted, the services that I wanted to offer and how to charge for these services. Reese is serious about organization and putting everything in its place. Her coaching is great for business owners who want to grow their company but are overwhelmed with all the finer details that need to be addressed.
~ Phillippa Parkinson
Before Reese I was struggling with information overload, and felt I really needed to put all the theory into practice in a client context. I have now put systems and structures in place to bring my business from dream to reality. I have a business plan, a registered business name, am actively building my website, setting up software to market my business, onboard and manage clients and workflows. Basically I have all of the skills and resources to be able to take on my first client. Reese is real... transparent, authentic, generous, kind and down to earth. She will push you out of our comfort zone, but do it... you will grow. She will tell you what you need to hear, and if you follow her guidance you will overcome fears and achieve goals.

~ Shannon Mackenzie

I was a VA with no direction, had no ideal client defined for my business and no systems in place. I was always scared to quote the rate that I deserved. Since working with Reese I have everything in place that I need to run my business smoothly and effectively and have since signed two clients at 1.5 times the rate I was charging earlier.

~Anika Jindal
I was an established VA with two clients but needed more. Since working with Reese I have tripled my client load and developed a more specific marketing plan. I am now more confident in my skills and know who I want to work with.

~Brenna Barry-Martinez
It's time to make it yours
The VA Lifeline
1 payment of...
Or 4 payments of $250
  • 9  Training Modules
  •  ​1-Month WhatsApp Coaching Access 
  • Live Strategy and Personalized Feedback
  • Access to Job Opportunity Group
  • Additional in-depth skills training: Clickfunnels, WordPress, Convertkit, Dubsado, Canva, Social Media Masterclass, Shopping Cart Software 
  • Bonus: VA Client On-boarding System
  • Bonus: Email Templates
  • Bonus: Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Masterclass 
  • 6-Month Access To ​Expert Content Vault 
With PERPETUAL access to this course, you will have access to previously recorded Q&A office hours and ongoing bonuses such as copy reviews, hot-seat coaching, live website audits, and guest trainers.
You will have every iota of support you need to crush your money-making goals. 

Secure Payment

All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
Are you ready to...
Earn the income you desire?  

Create a flexible schedule that fits your lifestyle?

Rev up your career and do work you are proud of?

Let’s turn that dream of yours into a reality -

You, me and the VA Lifeline.

Now for the bad news…This program is getting more valuable by the day. I continually add new content, and that means...the price goes up.

Locking in this price, today, right now...ensures you have the content (and all the updates) for life!
The VA Lifeline
1 payment of...
Or 4 payments of $250
  • 9  Training Modules
  • ​1-Month WhatsApp Coaching Access
  • Live Strategy and Personalized Feedback
  • Access to Job Opportunity Group
  • Additional in-depth skills training: ClickfunnelsWordPress, Convertkit, Dubsado, Canva, Social Media MasterclassShopping Cart Software 
  • Bonus: VA Client On-boarding System
  • Bonus: Email Templates
  • Bonus: Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Masterclass 
  • 6-Month Access To ​Expert Content Vault 
See what some of my graduates have said...
My students love to share their success
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